What Is Acne?

What Is Acne?

It can be embarrassing…

It can be irritating…

And it can be devastating.

Some myths include chocolate, greasy foods and only occur in teenagers.  But the truth is, it’s a condition and any of us can be affected even as adults. Schedule your Visia skin analysis appointment to get started in making something very, very clear… your skin!

There are four grades of acne.

Grade I is mild with blackheads and whiteheads

Grade II is closed comedones, mostly whiteheads

Grade III is popules and pustles

Grade IV is cystic, severe inflammation

Luckily there is help!  Every client, condition, is not the same. That’s why it’s important to take the time to get to know your client and customize each individually.

Here at Body+Beauty Lab, we have a variety of acne treatment options we can recommend.

1.  Brilliant Clear powered by HydraFacial MD + B-Cidal – Dr. Lam has created a treatment with Hydrachloric acid, Phosaphloric Acid and Citric Acid all which kills bacteria faster without irritation, non-drying and non-toxic.

2.  Signature Peel contains Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Citric Acid.

3.  HydraFacial MD® Treatment with a peel including Glycolic + Salicylic

I like to customize clients with adding in light therapy.  Blue light helps to kill bacteria.  Another trick I love to do is ice therapy!  I keep a jade roller in the treatment room freezer, apply our Green Tea Wasabi Mask.  This assists in healing and rejuvenation and is very antibacterial.  After I apply the mask, I gently massage the jade roller to help with the inflammation.

There are a number of triggers for acne including hormones, medications, stress and environment.  As a professional, I like to take the time with each client and discuss which treatment would be best for each individual.

Finally, I can’t say enough about extractions (which should be done of course only by your esthetician).  When done properly, extractions are key to having a great treatment, helping to aid in clearer and smoother skin.

Body+Beauty Lab Esthetician,