Meet Our Team

6 Team Members
  • Korin Korman

    Korin Korman


    A renown entrepreneur who has experienced incredible success, Korin Korman works hard to ensure that Body+Beauty Lab continues to break boundaries.

  • Managers



    Our Philadelphia, PA office boasts a skilled team of managers that oversee our staff and have contributed to the success of our growing family.

  • Medical Directors

    Medical Directors

    Our Jefferson Health Partners

    Due to our special partnership with Jefferson Health, we have expert medical directors on board at Body + Beauty Lab.

  • Licensed Aestheticians

    Licensed Aestheticians

    Licensed Aestheticians

    Beach+Body Lab employs a skilled team of licensed aestheticians with a wide scope of comprehensive training in many areas of the beauty industry.

  • Medical Injectors

    Medical Injectors

    Medical Injectors

    Our diverse team of medical injectors at Body+Beauty Lab have equally impressive and unique backgrounds in the aesthetic and medical fields.

  • Body+Beauty Lab

    Body+Beauty Lab

    Patient Coordinators

    Our skilled team of Patient Coordinators connect with our patients, establish trust, and give personal attention to their needs.