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About Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing at Body+Beauty Lab is a noninvasive aesthetic treatment that utilizes pulsating beams of energy to eliminate dead and damaged skin cell layers. This procedure is performed to address facial wrinkles and lines, as well as to minimize skin flaws, like pigmentation, acne scars, and other issues. Sometimes known as a laser peel, laser skin resurfacing is considered an ideal treatment for clients who want clearer, softer, and younger-looking skin. Depending on your needs, as well as your skin type, your treatment will be customized for the best results. There is little recovery time associated with most laser skin resurfacing facials. If you have any questions or concerns about this revolutionary procedure, don't hesitate to get in contact with one of the experienced estheticians on our Philadelphia, and Radnor, PA teams.

Types of Laser Treatments

Body+Beauty Lab offers several types of laser skin resurfacing procedures. The technology used will be chosen based on your skin's unique concerns and condition. Some of these treatments are performed for milder cases of skin damage while others are more aggressive:

  • IPL, elos laser by Candela combines optical laser and radiofrequency energy to deliver comfortable treatments while effectively addressing mild to moderate improvement to the complexion. IPL elos treats facial wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, acne, and more.

  • IPL+, Nordlys laser by Candela uses fewer wavelengths than other IPL treatments and is customized to the needs of your individual skin. This allows for the treatment of photodamaged skin with less than half of the fluence-dependent energy and no active cooling for an overall, more advanced IPL treatment.

  • Sublime, elos laser by Candela an FDA-approved noninvasive skin treatment that firms skins and reduces fine lines and wrinkles without the pain and downtime associated with other comparable treatments. The procedure provides beautiful, rejuvenating results using revolutionary technology.

  • Sublative, elos laser by Candela works to resurface the skin from the inside out using fractionated, bipolar radiofrequency energy to reach deep beneath the surface to stimulate the production of collagen. Sublative treatments can improve the texture of your skin and improve hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and age spots.

  • Triniti, elos laser by Candela a combination of modalities, Triniti offers the incredible effectiveness of IPL, Sublime, and Sublative to deliver a safe treatment. Patients with light or dark complexions can benefit from this highly customizable and advanced procedure.

  • Frax, Nordlys laser by Candela designed for non-ablative laser skin resurfacing, Frax is used for the treatment of acne and surgical scars and enables the technician to customize the duration, energy, and pulse of the treatment individually. Frax is also used for the reduction of stretch marks.

  • Light & Bright, Nordlys laser by Candela When it comes to red spots, brown spots, and irregular skin texture, Light & Bright is one of the premier ways to restore your skin. This groundbreaking treatment works in conjunction with the Nordlys™ system to create non-ablative energy that eliminates the appearance of vascular and pigmented lesions, as well as undesirable skin texture. Typically, patients will undergo three sessions scheduled at one-month intervals, at which point they will be able to notice significant improvements to the clarity, glow, and smoothness of their skin. All in all, Light & Bright is a quick, easy, and effective way to achieve stunning results for your skin.

Ideal Candidates

You have multiple factors to consider when selecting which laser peel procedure is best for your needs. Laser skin resurfacing is ideal for women or men who are unsatisfied with their skin's dull appearance. If your complexion has been damaged by the sun, has age spots, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, or redness troubles, a laser peel procedure may help to improve these imperfections. A laser peel is also wonderful for those who have rough texture, scaly patches, or other surface irregularities. Laser peel treatments are not suggested for anyone who has very dark skin tones or active acne outbreaks. Additionally, it's important to know that there is a recovery period associated with this procedure. Some clients, depending on their skin condition, may require as long as 2 – 3 weeks for their skin to return to normal.

Procedure Technique

Before you schedule a more intense or deeper laser peel treatment, you may be given a retinoid product to use for 2 – 3 weeks prior to your session. This retinoid will help to prep the skin for more effective results. Medication may be recommended before the procedure as well to help lessen any pain for increased comfort throughout your appointment. If your complexion only requires mild improvement, local anesthesia may be applied to numb treated areas of the face. Throughout the procedure, you can relax in our special treatment chair while the laser handpiece passes over your skin, directly targeting the necessary surfaces for rejuvenation. You may feel the heat of the laser, followed by cold air from the system's built-in cooling device. The laser energy is designed to remove damaged and dead skin cells while also promoting a boost in collagen production.

What to Expect

Following light peels, an ointment will be smoothed over the treated skin, and you will be allowed to go home for your recovery. The treated skin may look pink and have some swelling and irritation, but these symptoms will subside in a few days. The skin peeling process will occur over a 3 – 5-day period. For those who are getting a deeper laser peel, your recovery time will take longer. The treated areas may be protected with dressings and the burning, irritation, and swelling symptoms could be stronger. Pain medication can be prescribed to lessen these symptoms. The recovery period for a more intense laser treatment may last several weeks. Every patient needs to minimize their UV exposure following their laser peel and use sun protection throughout the day. For all laser peel treatments, the treated skin will naturally crust, flake, and peel off. It's crucial to avoid accelerating the recovery process and to shield your skin from environmental exposure to prevent scarring. After the peeling has ceased, the treated skin should feel smoother and appear rejuvenated, clearer, and younger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does laser skin resurfacing cost?
Your laser resurfacing costs will depend on the specific peel you receive. During your initial consultation, a member of our team will ask about your skin problems and wants before reviewing the types of laser peels available. After this, we will help you choose your resurfacing method and talk to you about costs. Body+Beauty Lab regularly offers skin treatment specials and packages so ask about current specials in your appointment. Our office also features a VIP membership program that entitles members to receive exclusive deals and discounts on several of our skin care services.

What's the best type of resurfacing for me?
Your esthetician can help you choose which resurfacing option will best meet your concerns and goals during your initial consultation. The treatment that's best for you will depend on the condition of your skin, your unique skin issues, and the depth you want your treatment to reach. The time you can devote to recovery might also play an important role in the creation of your treatment plan. If you're unsure, it's better to select a milder treatment for your first peel. From there, you can assess your outcomes and decide if you want something stronger for your second session.

How can I help my skin recover after a resurfacing treatment?
A member of our team will give you recommendations on ways to speed skin healing following your treatment. The top rule is to not peel or pick flaking skin. Doing this can create long-term damage, like scars. You need to forgo all hair removal methods on the treated skin, which includes waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams. We can suggest a cream to help soothe treated areas.

Should I get laser skin resurfacing, a chemical peel, or dermabrasion?
Once we have assessed your issues, our team will help you choose whether laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, or a chemical peel will best achieve your goals. Although all three rejuvenate the skin, each has pros and cons. In your initial consultation, we will review each choice and make a suggestion for your treatment plan.

How often should I get laser resurfacing treatments?
Depending on the laser resurfacing options chosen for your procedure, you may need to wait several weeks or even months between sessions. Deep laser treatments will give you results that last a long time; however, they do require a lengthy recovery period. You should tell us how frequently you would be able to return for appointments so we can consider this when developing your personalized treatment plan.

A Softer, Clearer Complexion

Laser skin resurfacing treatments provide amazing results for those who are looking to achieve healthier, more attractive skin. If you are curious about laser treatments and want to learn more about their many benefits, we encourage you to contact our office in Philadelphia, or Radnor, PA today to schedule your appointment with a member of our team. Body+Beauty Lab offers a range of nonsurgical treatments to help improve the health and beauty of your complexion.

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