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Are Cellulite Reduction Treatments With VelaShape Permanent?

By: Beauty Coordinators


Cellulite is a harmless yet troublesome problem for many. While very common, often men and women find the idea of having, or the look of, cellulite unsightly and wish to remove it. Although that task can be harder than it may seem on your own, Body+Beauty Lab in Philadelphia, PA offers a cutting-edge procedure to help reduce and remove cellulite using the advanced technology of VelaShape® III. This incredible treatment can help both men and women with a nonsurgical way to reduce cellulite – because, yes, men can have cellulite too!

What is cellulite?

For many people, cellulite is a common problem in the upper thigh and butt. These dimply marks can appear in both thin and overweight people and is caused by fat cells that push up against the skin, creating an uneven appearance. Cellulite can appear for no real reason, and there’s not much to do to prevent them. It’s commonly believed that men do not get cellulite, but contrary to that belief, men are just as susceptible to cellulite as women, although it is more commonly found in women. Cellulite also tends to show up more as people age and their skin loses thickness.

What is VelaShape III?

There are many different beliefs about what can get rid of cellulite – coconut oil, diet and exercise, dry brushing, and much more; however, the success rate on these home remedy cellulite reduction methods are divided. At Body+Beauty Lab, we offer VelaShape III, the only FDA-approved technology designed to specifically target and safely reduce cellulite in men and women.

This handheld device uses a vacuum suction, deep-tissue massage, and heat to target your problem areas and break up the fibrous bands and fat that cause cellulite. From there, the treatment area will be reshaped to create a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing look. Completed in about an hour, many of our patients find this treatment to actually be an enjoyable experience due to the warm sensations and deep massage provided by VelaShape III and our skilled team of estheticians.

Are cellulite reduction treatments permanent?

Many of our patients are pleased with their outcomes and notice results relatively quickly within about 4 – 6 sessions. These treatments are a great way to swiftly and efficiently reduce signs of cellulite and get you back to everyday life quickly. While there is not currently any nonsurgical way to permanently remove cellulite, the results from VelaShape III are easy to maintain with repeat touch-ups at our Philadelphia, PA location. To maintain optimized results, we encourage you to keep up a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise, and touch-ups as necessary.

While perfectly normal, if you find yourself unsettled with cellulite, rest assured that Body+Beauty Lab can help you minimize the appearance of your cellulite for a natural, beautiful, and smooth appearance. To schedule a consultation, contact our Philadelphia, PA office, and be sure to ask about our online appointments and VIP membership!

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