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About Cellulite Reduction

Contrary to what is popularly believed, anybody can have cellulite. Nobody is truly immune from the dimply, fibrous tissue that develops under the skin, particularly in the upper thigh and buttocks area. Despite the commonality of the issue, there is nothing you can do to prevent or reduce cellulite on your own. To remedy this concern that causes many people insecurity, our skilled team of estheticians at Body+Beauty Lab are delighted to offer our clients a nonsurgical solution that significantly erases the appearance of cellulite with VelaShape III. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, cellulite reduction with VelaShape III can address the appearance of dimpled skin using vacuum technology. This vacuum technology also includes a heating mechanism paired with infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency. These elements work together to gently heat fat cells and the surrounding tissue. Over the course of your treatment at our medical spa, you will notice a visible reduction in both the size and appearance of cellulite in the treated areas. Cellulite was nearly impossible to eliminate mere years ago. However, with recent developments in modern technology, our clients can now enjoy stunning results with VelaShape III treatment sessions. Contact our Philadelphia, or Radnor, PA office to learn more about this revolutionary service we provide.

Ideal Candidates

The VelaShape III technology provides exceptional results to our clients with little risk for any negative effects. However, you may not qualify for this treatment if you have diabetes or an infection at the intended treatment area. Those taking blood thinners and those who are pregnant should not receive nonsurgical cellulite reduction with VelaShape III. Ideal candidates for this procedure are clients who have cellulite on their stomach, thighs, hips, legs, or buttocks. To ensure your candidacy for this service, schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our estheticians. We will be able to determine if this treatment is right for you and your overall goals. Cellulite reduction can be recommended for average to overweight patients who suffer from unsightly cellulite in the pelvic region, around the hips, abdomen, or lower limbs. For optimized results, these patients should also be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Procedure Technique

Prior to your treatment, you will be led to one of our procedure rooms. After we have identified the areas of cellulite that you would like addressed, your VelaShape III session will begin. The handheld device will be placed onto your skin and the vacuum suction, massage, and heat will activate and target the selected areas. The fibrous bands causing the appearance of your cellulite will be separated, which will allow the reshaped area to relax, leading to smoother skin. This procedure can often be completed in less than an hour, depending on the size and number of regions that are being treated. Most of our clients find their overall experience with the VelaShape III technology to be enjoyable, almost feeling like a warm, deep-tissue massage. It's normal to experience a warm sensation and pinkish skin during your session that can last up to a few hours after your treatment.

What to Expect

You may be required to wear a compression garment following your VelaShape III session to help your body recover quicker. You should wait several days before returning to any vigorous activity, like exercise. If you find that you have some slight swelling, tenderness, or bruising at the treated area, know that these are normal and should go away on their own after a few days. If you have any questions after your appointment or would like to address a concern, please get in touch with your esthetician or a member of our office for assistance. If multiple cellulite reduction treatment sessions are included in your customized plan, you will need to be consistent in your attendance to achieve your ideal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does nonsurgical cellulite reduction cost?
The total costs of your nonsurgical cellulite reduction treatment with VelaShape III will depend on the size and number of the treated areas, as well as how many sessions are included in your personalized service plan. Once your customized program has been developed, we will be able to estimate your costs and discuss your numerous payment options. We encourage patients to ask about our VIP membership program to receive exclusive offers on a number of the most desired treatments at Body+Beauty Lab.

Will these changes in my cellulite be permanent?
Currently, all nonsurgical cellulite reduction treatments available on the cosmetic market provide results that will fade over time. The good news is that you can easily maintain your results with regular VelaShape III touch-up sessions. While there is no long-lasting cure for cellulite, treatment sessions at our Philadelphia, PA office are a great way to help keep your skin looking amazing rather than dimpled and bumpy.

Can men have cellulite?
While cellulite is much more common among women, men could also develop this condition. Contrary to popular belief, it can be found on bodies that are of average weight and overweight alike. While this is not considered a serious medical problem, cellulite often tends to be viewed as unattractive and undesirable. Men and women alike can receive VelaShape III treatments at our premier medical spa.

What causes cellulite?
Cellulite is a structural skin change that occurs in most post-pubertal people whether they are thin or overweight. It is caused by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue, leading to a padded or dimpled appearance. Cellulite can occur in women or men of all ages and tends to become more visible with age. Over time, the skin loses its thickness and thereby enhances the visibility of the unsightly cellulite bumps.

How long are the treatments?
The length of your session will depend on the intended area to be treated, which will be based on your goals, the condition of your skin, and your unique treatment plan. Typically, VelaShape III sessions can last up to an hour or more.


Having visible cellulite in one or several areas of your body can decrease your self-conscious and lead you to avoid wearing certain clothes. Our experienced aesthetic team has helped countless of our clients to combat their problematic cellulite with the help of the VelaShape III technology. Nonsurgical cellulite reduction treatments can produce stunning results and allow your skin to look and feel smoother than ever before. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a member of our team at our Philadelphia, or Radnor, PA office to learn more about cellulite reduction with VelaShape III. 

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