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What is Belotero?

The wealth of natural elastin and collagen stored in your body from birth may have allowed your skin to look smooth and youthful years ago. However, as we age, our skin starts to lose this firmness and elasticity as these nutrients begin to deplete over time. The result is noticeable signs of aging developing throughout the face, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dynamic folds around the eyes, nose, and mouth. To remedy this, our skilled Philadelphia, PA and Radnor, PA teams of medical injectors provide clients with a number of aesthetic, skin-enhancing treatments, such as Belotero Balance. Belotero is an FDA-approved dermal filler that repairs fine to deep wrinkles and lines along the face, including persistent, deep-seated lines and the nasolabial folds. A reliable nonsurgical alternative for rejuvenation, Belotero is a hyaluronic acid-based product that gives women and men alike a revitalized, youthful look.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for belotero?

Belotero injections are helpful for those who wish to correct the appearance of fine to deep facial folds, lines, and wrinkles without having to resort to an invasive surgical procedure, such as a brow lift or facelift. Belotero is most beneficial for addressing lines around the mouth, such as the nasolabial folds. Prior to your procedure, your medical injector will meet with you in your consultation to discuss your current medications, known allergies, and medical history. This information will help us to decide if you are an ideal candidate for Belotero injections.

How does belotero work?

At the end of your consultation, you will be escorted to our treatment area to undergo your procedure. Belotero is injected with a very small needle so many individuals do not require a topical or local anesthesia. However, a topical anesthetic can be available upon request to further minimize any potential discomfort. The treatment sites will be cleaned and prepared before Belotero is injected. This product typically requires several injections. Pressure will be applied to the treatment sites for a few moments to control any bleeding. Following your appointment, you will be free to return to your daily activities. It's recommended that clients forgo any strenuous activity for a day after their treatment.

What can I Expect after belotero?

Following your Belotero injections at Body+Beauty Lab, you might have some mild bruising, swelling, and redness around the injection sites, but these symptoms will fade in the coming days. You will notice some immediate results after your Belotero treatment that will continue developing in the weeks following your procedure. Belotero results typically last around six months so speak with your injector about how to maximize your results with repeated sessions over time.

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How much does it cost?
The cost for your Belotero Balance treatment will depend on the amount of product needed to achieve your results. Your experienced medical injector will work with you during your consultation to assess your concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan suitable for your needs. From there, we will be able to estimate your costs and discuss our many payment plans. For clients interested in receiving high-quality cosmetic care and saving a few bucks, ask about joining Body+Beauty Lab's VIP membership program.

How does it work?
There are a number of effective dermal fillers on the cosmetic market today. Although they are similar, each comes with their own set of benefits. While many fillers are crafted with hyaluronic acid (HA), Belotero works differently than other similar injectables because it interacts with the mid to deep layers of the dermis. This allows the product to lessen the appearance of moderate to severe lines and folds along the face. To determine which injectable is right for you, contact our Philadelphia, PA or Radnor, PA office and schedule a consultation where we can discuss the benefits of each product we carry.

Is it safe?
Belotero Balance is an FDA-approved injectable that has undergone extensive tests to prove its safety and efficiency. This product has been on the market for years and is popular among our many clients. This particular injectable is a great option for those who would like to lessen the appearance of deep smile lines or nasolabial folds.

How many treatments will I need?
Typically, patients are able to achieve their desired results after just one treatment. However, because your body will break up the hyaluronic acid over time, you will require a touch-up after some time if you would like to maintain your results. Belotero outcomes can last up to a year.

Filler or BOTOX?
For those who would like to lessen the appearance of fine to deep lines and wrinkles without resorting to a surgical procedure, then an injectable treatment (either a filler, BOTOX, or a combination of both) could help you achieve the look you want without the extended downtime. While both fillers and relaxers reduce the appearance of wrinkles, they go about this differently. Wrinkle relaxers, like BOTOX, freeze the facial muscles to prevent the movement that causes wrinkles while fillers are a gel-like substance that fills in and smoothes out static wrinkles.

Natural-Looking Balance

If you're looking for a minimally invasive way to give your face a refreshed appearance, then receiving Belotero Balance treatments at our Philadelphia, PA or Radnor, PA office could be the right choice. This product can create a youthful, natural look without the time, money, and hassle associated with surgery. Contact Body+Beauty Lab to schedule an appointment with a member of our skilled team and to learn if Belotero could be the treatment for you.

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